Adam & Eve: The Musical


A new comedy with songs. Book, music and lyrics by Ben Hales, directed by Matt Wilde.

It is the morning after the Fall of Man. Adam and Eve awake in a part of Eden they don’t recognise. Where are they? What did they do last night? And what’s going on underneath Adam’s figleaf?

It is not until they meet the Archangel Oliver, their angelic ‘Transition Officer’, that they begin to understand the horrifying consequences of what they have done. Traumatised, Adam runs off to try and find Eden, leaving Eve to come to terms with the prospect of life alone on a brand new planet. It is the world’s first row.

With a starring role for Lucifer and support from a caribou and a talking tree, ‘Adam & Eve’ takes an irreverent look at the oldest story ever told, as Adam and Eve learn the true nature of life on Earth. But will they follow God’s plan, or will Lucifer lead them astray? Surely the fate of mankind is too important to leave to free will?

The 60-minute version of 'Adam & Eve: The Musical' premiered at the 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, at Gilded Balloon Teviot. You can read the press reaction here.

After attracting excellent audiences in Edinburgh, we are developing the show as a 90-120min extravaganza with a view to touring in 2014.

You can view our Edinburgh promo photographs here. (photos by McFadden and Reed.)

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YouTube trailer for our Edinburgh show:

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